Your patient asks for silence. You ask for precision.


LED Lighting System


40.000 rpm

Maximum Torque

Portable Electric Micro Motor With Contra-Angle – For Bench

Super silent, more comfort for you and your patient.

Portable Electric Micro Motor With Contra-Angle - For Bench

The use of the Portable Electric Micro Motor, is an option of the dental equipment that replaces the traditional pneumatic handpieces both in high and low rotation significantly reduces the noise level since it does not need compressed air to generate speed. which occurs by electromagnetic induction.


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Saevo presents its Portable Electric Micro Motor (MME) in partnership with W&H.

Superior to the conventional pneumatic micro motor, the Portable Electric Micro motor offers the professional an unparalleled level of precision; with very high level of torque and precise control of rotational speed. The Portable Electric Micromotor is the ultimate instrument for oral preparations for you who want a job of excellence.

In addition, the Portable Electric Micro Motor practically eliminates the infamous noise of handpieces, providing more comfort for the professional and especially for their patients. Portable MME is the new thing your patient would not hear!

Electric Micro Motor

With lifetime lubrication; The electric micro motor is a brushless micro motor, sterilizable without requiring any maintenance, providing a fully optimized use and operation for your clinical practice. Another important advantage is its LED+ lighting system that diffuses a natural and white light, similar to daylight, superior to traditional LED lighting systems.

With highly developed electronics, have linear and vibration-free power control at hand. Feel the difference in your hands as you refine your oral preparations.

The micromotor also has, among its main differentials, the very low noise level, which in some speed ratios is practically non-existent compared to traditional pneumatic models. Its reduced size and low weight combine comfort and performance, representing the last word in technology applied to handpieces.

  • Speed ​​Transmission:  1:1
  • Maximum Speed: 40,000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 3.5
  • Irrigation system: Internal
  • Lighting System: LED+
  • Connection Type: ISO 3964 Short Coupling (INTRA)
  • Weight: 57 grams

Multiplier Contra-Angle

The Multiplier Contra-Angle operates coupled to the electric Micro motor, enabling jobs with maximum rotation of up to 200,000 RPM with torque up to six times greater than a conventional high rotation. Through the potentiometer it is also possible to select the ideal speed limit for each type of procedure.

Its grip through monoblock design provides a comfortable grip and adherent to the hands of the professional providing comfort and sensitivity in the execution of oral preparations.


Quadruple Spray

Directed at the tip of the drill, the dual internal spray system cools the cutting region of the drill in any working position. Cooling prevents the occurrence of overheating in tooth preparations that could lead to damage to healthy tooth structure.



Light transmission through LED located in the micro motor at contra angle through glass fibers. Light power at 25,000 lux.


Reduced Head

The Contra Angle is equipped with a small head with an angle of the handpiece within the strictest international standards, providing greater visualization for the professional.


Contra-Angle with Push Button System

Fittings based on Push Button (PB) fitting models, where the drill press device is based on a spring tension that is activated by a button on the part head itself.


Universal Fitting

Micro motor with coupling through the INTRA system of easy handling allowing free rotation of 360º for greater comfort of the professional.


Speed Transmission

Speed ​​Transmission: 1:5

It contains

  • Portable Electric Micro Motor
  • Speed ​​Multiplier Contra Angle* (Optional)
  • Power Supply


Portable Electric Micro Motor
Anvisa: 10101139032

WH WG-99 LT Contra-Angle

Anvisa: 80047309158

  • Speed ​​transmission
  • Maximum speed
    40.000 rpm
  • Maximum torque
  • Irrigation system
  • Lighting System
  • Connection type
    ISO 3964 Short Coupling (INTRA)
  • Weight
    57 gramas

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Product: Portable Electric Micro Motor With Contra-Angle - For Bench