The highest technology revealed with each diagnosis.

Green Technology

95% less lead

Digital timer

Reduction in exposure time

Rated voltage

70kVp and tube current of 7.0 mA
X-Ray – Wall
It has smooth, precise and more stable movement.

X-Ray - Wall

Saevo’s periapical X-ray equipment has the exclusive Green Technology, with 95% less lead, and is indicated for intraoral radiographies. In addition to the various mechanisms to facilitate use and ensure the safety of the patient and the dentist, it also has smooth, precise and more stable movement. The equipment has a low emission of unnecessary radiation, and it is bivolt.


  • Smooth, precise, stable movement and easy to handle
  • Ideal for use with digital X-ray capture systems
  • Exclusive Green Technology: 95% less lead
  • Extremely lightweight material with a high degree of radiation insulation
  • Digital, ergonomic remote control with 5 meter detachable cable
  • It allows control of all device functions
  • 21 standardized exposure time intervals
  • It allows hundreds of exposures from 0.06 seconds
  • Head with 300° rotation and indication on the back and front
  • Easy positioning articulation system, with smoothness and precision in movements
  • Thermal protection: it prevents the head from overheating, increasing its lifespan
  • Compensation chamber in the head: it keeps internal pressure stable
  • Correctly sized focal point and distortion-free radiation beam
  • Control box with control mounting bracket
  • Steel arms, which can be articulated in vertical and horizontal position
  • Paint in ice color, with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Product with INMETRO and CE certificate


Anvisa: 10069210087

The assembly of the equipment must be paid for by the purchaser (customer) and carried out by an accredited technician. The packaging must remain closed until the technician arrives; if it is violated, the product warranty will be canceled.

    AXR Wall
  • Equipment classification according to ANVISA
    Class III

  • Protection against electric shock

    Class I Equipment - Type B Applied Part

  • Degree of application safety in the presence

    Equipment not suitable for a flammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or nitrous oxide

  • Operation mode

    Continuous operation with intermittent load
    T. ON: 1 second
    T. OFF: X 30 seconds
  • Protection against harmful penetration of water or particulate matter


  • Generator
    Oil immersed

  • Collimator
  • Bulb voltage
    70 Kv
  • Bulb Current
    7 mA
  • Selectable range of irradiation time
    0,06 to 3,2s
  • Power
    1330 VA

  • Standby power

    15 VA

  • Number of phases

    Single-phase / Bi-phase

  • Fuses for 127V~ Devices

    F1 and F2 15 A fast acting

    F3 0.2 A fast acting
  • Fuses for 220 to 240V~ Devices

    F1 and F2 8 A delayed action

    F3 0.2 A delayed action
  • Type of Fuses

    20 mm glass

  • Admissible fluctuation
  • Focal Spot
    0,7 x 0,7
  • Ref. axis in relation to anode
  • Filtration eq.
    >2,61 mm Al eq. @70kVp
  • Leakage radiation
    <0,2 mGy/h @70kV and 7,0
  • LED indicates that the equipment is ready to operate
  • Dose calculation

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Product: X-Ray - Wall