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For S200 Smart, S200 and S300 dental clinics, it is possible to install up to 5 tips. For S400 & S500 dental clinics, 6 tips.

It is possible to install the LED spotlight in any chair of the Dabi/Saevo Lines.

The proximity sensor is located in the cup holder for better sensitivity. As the patient gets closer, the water in the spittoon is activated for 10 seconds.

If you choose the portable bench option, it comes with the module, the electric micromotor, the charging source, the cradle to support the handpiece and you can choose to optionally also come with the multiplier contra-angle. In the dental clinic option (which  installation must be done by an authorized technician) the module is not provided and the entire installation is carried out on the equipment; instead of the cradle to support the handpiece, there is a specific support to be installed on the equipment and you can also request it with the multiplier contra-angle,

It is the contra-angle with LED light transmission of the Electric Micromotor and multiplies the speed provided by the micromotor by 5x, operating from 5,000 to 200,000 rpm at 3.0N.cm (torque) – uses a FG drill.

Yes, different contra-angles (CA) and straight pieces (PR) work on the product. Attention: 1- It is better to know the maximum speed supported by your part to adjust the potentiometer. 2- The LED will only work if the CA and PR have a light transmitter.

Our ultrasound is ceramic-piezoelectric operating at 30,000 vibrations per second (30,000 Hz) on the vertical plane.

Yes, it is intended for endodontic procedures such as cleaning of root canals, removal of fractured files, removal of prosthetic cores and condensation of gutta percha (when used with the water off, the insert increases the heat greatly and helps in the cutting of plume and condensation of filling material; the product can be used in the described manner for 4 minutes and then it needs to be turned off for at least 8 minutes before the next use).

They are male-type coupling. Dental Ultrasounds are supplied with 3 inserts/tips, 1 supra and 2 sub periodontal.

High Rotation reach an angular speed of 335,000 rpm and 0.18N.cm torque. The pneumatic micromotor (Low rotation) operates in up to 20,000 rpm and 1,0N.cm torque.

Today we work with two hand piece options. The ones that come with the academic kit (which can be acquired in the standalone version) which are not equipped with LED and the Electric Micromotor which has LED and in conjunction with the 1:5 contra-angle multiplier, with LED transmission, which provides, among several other benefits, lighting. Learn more on the following link (MME link)

Warranty for standalone hand pieces or in the academic kit is 6 months. (Dabi and Saevo ->) For students, academic kits have the possibility of an extended warranty until the end of the course (maximum period of 5 years) through the link that comes with the product packaging

Yes, despite requiring lower exposure, X-Ray is still necessary for sensitizing the sensor.

Image quality in sensors is measured by pairs of lines per square millimeter. Our sensor’s quality is 25 line pairs per square millimeter.

A Windows computer, a USB port and an X-Ray emitter. The sensor, positioners and software complete the full solution in digital periapical radiography.

Yes, the portable X-Ray equipment may replace conventional ones, since they operate in the same way.

According to RDC 611 in Article 81, is authorized the use of hand held X-Ray emitting equipment for intra-oral dental radiology techniques.

The portable X-Ray operates in a 60Kvp power range.

All printers are compatible when connected to the same network as the equipment. We have specific models for connection directly via cable.

Image and video files are made available in Windows formats and can be transferred using a thumb disk or a computer connected to the network.

In general, there is no compatibility between transducers and equipments from different brands. However, within the SAEVO equipment line we have some compatibility between transducers and equipment models.

12 months. The hand piece line (high rotation, pneumatic micromotor, straight piece and contra-angle) and the chair upholstery has a 6-month warranty (except for customers within the Extended Warranty Program) and all dental inserts (Tips), whether nor not sold on a standalone basis, have a 3-month warranty.