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Proximity Sensor

Activates the water in the ceramic spittoon automatically

Large delivery unit

Possibility to include up to 6 terminals

Pedal Multifuncional

More agility and biosecurity for your dental unit
S400 H Dental Unit

All the comfort and technology necessary for the best experience for the dentist

S400 H Dental Unit

The S 400 H Dental Unit has all the comfort and technology necessary for the best experience for the dentist. Its joystick foot control is even more practical and easy to use, with various settings. The delivery unit also features PAD controls to activate chair functions. The water unit has a proximity sensor and the dental light has LED lighting.


(See regulatory information below on the Anvisa tab)

  • Product Classification
    According to standard NBR IEC 60601-1
  • Power supply
    127/220 V~ (internally selectable)
  • Frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Type of protection against electric shock
    Class I equipment
  • Degree of protection against electric shock
    Type B applied part
  • Mode of operation
    Continuous, intermittent load - 1 min. work and 4 min. rest
  • Protection against harmful water penetration
    IPX 0 - The entire examination chair, except the foot control
    IPX1 - Foot control
  • Input power
  • Protection Fuses
    F1 and F2 (127 or 220V~) = 5A - delayed action
  • Maximum recommended load on the chair
    The maximum recommended load on the chair should be up to 200 kg
  • Maximum load capacity applied in the trays of the equipments
  • Net Weight
    120 Kg

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Product: S400 H Dental Unit