Curing lights that allow freedom of movement

Wireless device

more mobility

High power LED

maximum of 1200 mW/cm2

3 programmable modes

of application
Light Curing Unit – Optilight

Saevo’s light curing unit has high light power LED and programmable application modes

Light Curing Unit - Optilight Color

Saevo’s light curing unit has high light power LED and programmable application modes, making the dental surgeon’s routine more practical. In addition to having low power consumption, it is easy to carry (it has no cables) and very comfortable to operate, with precise control of movement controls. The equipment also has a rechargeable smart battery, with the option of a standard support base or with a battery charger.

Features - Opitilight



  • More compact, anatomical and easier to carry
  • No risk of dental heating or injuries
  • Digital control on the display on the handpiece itself
  • Programmable operating time (5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds)
  • Wireless, ensures freedom and full control of movements
  • Low energy consumption
  • It does not emit noise, as it does not need a forced ventilation system
  • Audible signal: beep every 5 seconds
  • Comfortable to operate, it allows precise control of movements
  • Perfect coupling and efficient optical distribution
  • Long durability of the light emitter (equivalent to 36 million 10-second cycles)
  • Rotating fiber optic light conductor, removable and easy to sterilize
  • Front tip guard against scratches and accumulation of undesirable residues


It has 3 application modes

  • Continuous: maximum brightness from start to finish of polymerization
  • Ramp: gradual increase in light intensity
  • Pulsed: pulsating activation with cycles every 1 second

Light emission

  • Cold light emission for activation of various dental products
  • High power LED – 1200 mw/cm²
  • It does not use optical filter
  • Spectrally more selective light than conventional lamps
  • Cold light, does not heat the resin or the tooth
  • 100% utilization of the emitted light – there is no loss during the process
  • Safe photoactivation: device switches off in case of undervoltage so as not to compromise results


  • Stand-by system: automatically turns off when not used after 3 minutes
  • Rechargeable smart battery
  • Automatic disconnection system in case of undervoltage
  • No need to fully discharge to recharge again
  • Exclusive in the Optilight Max version
  • Support cradle with battery charger


Anvisa: 10069210078

  • Wave length
    420nm – 500nm
  • Actuation
  • Li-ion battery
    DC 3,7V 2200mAh.
  • Light conductor
    100% coherent optical fiber that guarantees the passage of light without loss (ø8mm 60º curved)
  • Handpiece body
    ABS injected
  • Gross weight
    0,98 kg
  • Net weight
    0,39 kg
  • Source power
  • Light power
    1200 mW/cm2
  • Programs
    Continuous, ramp and pulsed
  • Electric shock protection
    Class II Equipment - Type B Applied Part
  • Protection against harmful penetration of water / particulate matter
  • Sonorous signal
    A “beep” every 5 seconds
  • Programmable operating time
    5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds
  • Battery recharge time
    3 h
  • Supply voltage
    Ve: 100 - 240V~ - 50/60Hz (Bivolt) Vs: 5V - 1.5 A

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Product: Light Curing Unit - Optilight