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Contra-Angle – SL 30 – PB
With non-slip grooves, anatomical shape and easy handling.

Contra-Angle - SL 30 - PB

The Saevo contra-angle is lightweight and has the perfect sensitivity for dental procedures. With non-slip grooves, anatomical shape and easy handling, it guarantees more precise movements for the dental surgeon and produces little working noise. The part has the option of a push button drill bit fixation system.


  • Aluminum body with anodized treatment, with rounded lines
  • Bold, ergonomic and easy-to-use design
  • Non-slip grooves
  • It can be sterilized in autoclave up to 135°C
  • Easy coupling, with INTRA swivel system and 360° swivel
  • Ideal weight for handling: 49 g
  • It produces low working noise
  • 1:1 transmission
  • Small head, handpiece angle within international standards
  • Shafts mounted with 6 bearings
  • Push Button Drill Fixation System: resistant to traction, with a push button on the workpiece head
  • It uses standard drill bits, type 1 shaft
  • Drill cooling option with internal spray: cools the cutting region of the drill in any working position, preventing overheating


Anvisa: 10069210073 

  • Sterilization
    It can be sterilized in autoclave up to 135°C
  • Net weight
    49 g
  • Gross weight
    114 g
  • Docking system
    Intra rotary
  • Drill type
    FG Standard / Type 1 Shaft
  • Drill fixation system
    Push Button
  • Transmission

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Product: Contra-Angle - SL 30 - PB