Double Bench Reflector – Sirius 3 LEDs

The Sirius 3 LED Double Bench Reflector has smooth movements, head made of resistant material, 620º rotation, providing lightness, durability and wide mobility in all positions.

Bilateral handles that allow isolation, avoiding the risk of cross contamination.

Its arms have vertical and horizontal movements, rounded corners, smooth painting and are easy to clean and asepsis.

Double Bench Reflector - Sirius 3 LEDs

Reflector with 3 LEDs, 5 LEDs* ou 3×2*

  • Lighting technology – LED.
  • Lower energy consumption, consumes up to 95% less electrical energy than conventional models.
  • It does not use light bulbs.
  • Longer life of the light source (LED), up to 50,000 hours.


Proximity sensor: The activation of the reflector is carried out through the proximity sensor located at the bottom of the head, avoiding the risk of cross contamination. The selection of the luminous intensity is also carried out through the proximity sensor. The reflector has an internal digital electronic system, which is easy and quick to program. Cold light source. It does not generate heat in the operating field. Rectangular spotlight. When properly positioned for lighting of the mouth, it does not generate discomfort in the region of the patient’s eyes. Increase in the size of the light source of the oral cavity, providing a larger area of ​​light in the work field.


Design: Totally innovative with rounded lines, it provides a modern and harmonious look and facilitates handling.


Head: Made of resistant material, with 620º rotation. It is light, has high durability and allows wide mobility in different positions. New design that features a more robust and easy-to-clean body.


Handles: Bilateral in the form of a loop – allows isolation avoiding the risk of cross contamination. Removable and can be sterilized in autoclave. The positioning of the handles makes it possible to choose the position according to the professional’s need.


Front Guard: Removable, made of resistant and transparent material, it protects the optical system against aerosol.


The Double Bench Reflector can be configured with one of the reflector versions below:

1st version:

  • Sensor 3 LEDs
  • Optical system with 3 LEDs.
  • Three Intensities: 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 LUX.

2nd version*:

  • Sensor 5 LEDs
  • Optical system with 5 LEDs.
  • Three Intensities: 25,000, 35,000 and 45,000 LUX.

3rd version*:

  • Sensor 3×2 LEDs
  • Optical system with 5 LEDs. 3 white LEDs + 2 yellow LEDs.
  • Four light intensities – White light: 15,000, 25,000 and 35,000 LUX and Yellow light: 6,500 LUX.
  • It allows the use of Yellow Light during clinical procedures with photoactivated materials, increasing their handling time by inhibiting the early polymerization of composite resins and other photoactivated materials.


The assembly of the equipment must be paid for by the purchaser (customer) and carried out by an accredited technician. The packaging must remain closed until the technician arrives; if it is violated, the product warranty will be canceled.

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Product: Double Bench Reflector - Sirius 3 LEDs